My name is Lisa Hearn.

I am the media specialist at Arlington Christian School.


Session One: "Free Tools for Universal Design for Learning in Literacy." Presented by Jennifer Kraft. K12 Online Conference. Getting Started Strand. Oct 20, 2008.

Session Two: "Web 2.0 Tools to Amplify Elementary Students' Creativity and Initiative." Presented by Jackie Gerstein. K12 Online Conference. Getting Started Strand. Oct 24, 2008.

Session Three:
" Monsters Bloom in our Wiki." Presented by Ann Oro & Anna Baralt. K12 Online Conference. Kicking It Up a Notch Strand. Oct 30, 2008.

Session Four:
“Promise into Practice: What it Now Means to Teach Adolescent Readers” Presented by Sara Kajder. K12 Online Conference. Prove It Strand. Oct 22, 2008.

Description: This session investigates one teacher’s attempt to bridge new literacies into “traditional” classroom practice. In this video, Kajder discusses a teacher who used technology in her classroom in an attempt to make students feel more motivated to read. This teacher had two different groups of students: one group that focused on using technology in reading and one that focused on more “traditional forms” of reading. Kajder emphasizes the fact that this is a new generation of students learning to read, and it is important to provide diversity in the different ways of teaching reading.

I would love to see actual examples of the work produced by students in the technology infused group. Some of the graphics and graphs were difficult to read. I would like to be able to download some of the material from the video presentation into a printable format.

Personal/Professional Growth:
This video presentation expanded my definition of literacy and encouraged me to incorporate technology with literature. It inspires me to work with the English teachers and encourage them to incorporate new and different approaches to teaching literacy.

Help students create technology infused literacy projects including:
  • Book clubs using Skype
  • Visual book “ads” for display in the media center
  • Blog site to be used by students to share personal book reviews

Session Five: " iPods- iSpeak- iSing- iListen- iLearn" Presented by Silvia Tolisano. K12 Online Conference. Week in the Classroom Strand. October 2006.

Gabcast! ACS Media Center #1

Session Six: "Oodles of Googles" Presented by Sharon Betts. K12 Online Conference. New Tools Strand. October 2007.

Session Seven:
" Teaching Web 2.0 - Everything You Need In One Place" Presented by Wendy Drexler. K12 Online Conference. Leading the Change Strand. October 2008.

Session Eight: " Beyond the Stacks: Using Emerging Technologies to Strengthen Teacher-librarian Leadership" Presented by Donna Desroches and Carlene Walter. K12 Online Conference. Leading the Change Strand. October 2008.

Session Summary: In this session, DesRoches and Walter demonstrate how new technologies can be used to create meaningful online learning opportunities for students. They explain the new role for teacher-librarians and the importance of using emerging technologies to become an information literate teacher-librarian. DesRoches and Walter together are known as the “Disruptive Innovators” and in this session they introduce their online workshop, Meet the Stars They encourage teacher-librarians to begin with something they know, books, and to use emerging technologies to promote reading and books.
Questions/Ideas: I would like to know more about additional workshops offered by DesRoches and Walter. I am especially interested in the one entitled, 50 Ways to Love Your Library.
Personal/Professional Growth: This session reinforced what I previously knew - that students are already using technology, social networking, iPods, and a vast array of other technology tools. It is my job as librarian to help them use it constructively and appropriately in an educational setting. I am inspired to develop our library into a “production center” where students can use technology to produce classroom projects in a safe, ethical and responsible way.
  1. Develop or join a peer learning network with other librarians
  2. Create blogs to share book reviews
  3. Create “movie trailers” to promote books in our collection

Session Nine: " Using Web 2.0 Tools in a Grade One Classroom" Presented by Kathy Cassidy. K12 Online Conference. Week in the Classroom Strand. October 2006.

Session Ten: " Never Too Young" Presented by Sharon Betts. K12 Online Conference. Getting Started Strand. October 2008.

Session Summary: This presentation introduces three Web 2.0 tools that are ideal for use with students in the early grades. The three tools demonstrated are: Voicethread, Dipity and Blogging (21 Classes). Examples of student projects are included as well as implementation strategies for teachers. Betts does a good job of demonstrating each tool, and much of the information from the presentation is available in print format at the author’s wiki page,

Questions/Ideas: I would like to know how much classroom time is set aside each day for technology use. How much information is entered directly by students and how much is entered by the teacher or another adult?

Personal/Professional Growth: I was not familiar with Dipity. I look forward to using this web tool to help my upper elementary and middle school children with internet research.

  1. Use Voicethread to have older students read and record books for younger students
  2. Create a Dipity assignment for students to use in practicing research skills
  3. Create a blog to share library events and information for students and parents