Participant Name: Kaye Brinson
School: Woodward Academy (North)
Position: IT Coordinator

Session 1

Example 1: Comic strip - Pixton

Name of Session: Pushing the Limits- Web 2.0 and 21st Century Learning Conference Year and Strand: 2008, Leading the Change

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Session 2

Example 2: Voocaroo
Name of Session: Week in the Classroom- " Second Nature-Extending Dialogue in the Blogosphere"
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Session 3

Example 3: Xtranormal
Name of Session: Obstacles to Opportunities " The Technology Specialist as Teacher Leader: Strategies to Ensure Successful Technology Integration and Student Learnin in Schools- 2007"
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Session 4

Example 4: Gabcast
Name of Session: Ipods, Ispeak, Ising, Ilisten, ilearn
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Gabcast! ipods,ispeak,ising,ilisten,ilearn #1

Session 5

Example 5: Google Docs Presentation
Name of Session: Video Conferencing. " It's Easy, Free and Powerful"
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Session 6

Example 6: Glogster
Name of Session: New Tools: Trailfire - 2007
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Session 7

Example 7:Gliffy
Name of Session:Getting Started"Web 2.0 Tools to Amplify Elementary Students’ Creativity and Initiative" - 2008
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Session 8:
Example 8: Voicethread

Name of Session: "Oodles of Googles" Presented by Sharon Betts. K12 Online Conference. New Tools Strand. October 2007.

Session 9

Example 9: Blabberize
Name of Session: " Kicking it up a Notch: Changing Disabilities into Possibilities"

Example 10
Name of Session: "Obstacles to Opportunites " Challenging Assumptions about Technology Professional Development- 2007

In this session, she talks about expanding across the boundries of teaching. Changing the ways classrooms are managed and getting professional development and transferring it to the classroom. The method called Generation YES
(Youth Education Suceeding), the students would be helpers, tech teams and peer mentors and encouraging tech use. The teachers feel there is not enough time within the classrooms and teachers come back not without knowledge, but not getting the valuable teaching moments with the assistants of others( teachers and students)

Is there a lack of professional technology or do the teachers think they don't have enough time to implement in the classroom?

Professional Growth:
I would love to see more of the students assisting in the technology within the classroom and thereby I would be enabled to assist the teachers in implementation.

Peer mentoring
Provide new technology into lesson plans
Applying more student empowerment within the lessons.