Hi! I'm looking forward to K-12 Online. Having been involved in PLP last year and K-12 Learning the year before, this seems like a good next step in my growth as a teacher. I am looking for new ways to make learning more engaging for my students and me. I also want to get my students more involved in learning outside the walls of my classroom and school. Collaboration and learning are a powerful partnership. This new generation of young people are so important to the future of our country and the world. So many of them have amazing ideas. We need to get their voices heard and give their voices a wider audience. I am excited to get started!

This video is just an example of what young people today know and want to do. It spoke to me in a very powerful way when I heard it! I know you will be moved as well!

Session 1
If You Host It They Will Come
2009 Getting Started



Session 2
Engaging Our Youngest Minds
2009 Kicking It Up a Notch


Session 3
Little Kids, Big Possibilities
2009 Getting Started


Session 4
Never Too Young
2008 Getting Started



I decided to attend this session as I teach second graders. I was hopeful of finding some new tools to use with my students. Sharon Betts outlined three tools that she feels are very easy to use with our youngest learners. The three she chose to discuss were Voicethread, Dipity, and blogging with 21 Classes. She has created a wiki called Never Too Young that provides help and examples as well There were helpful tips on how to use all of the three tools as well as practical suggestions for classroom application.

After I finished watching the class video I felt very comfortable with these tools as I have already used two of them extensively in my teaching. I would like to explore Dipity which I have never used but might find it useful.

I don't know that I gained anything particularly new from this presentation but it is helpful to see that some of the things that I have been doing with my students are valued by other educators. It validates my efforts and encourages me to keep going in the direction that I have chosen with my students. I want to continue in my efforts to integrate technology and 2.0 tools in my daily life with my students.

Although I now use Voicethread quite often with my students it was nice to get some new ideas for using this tool. I lkie the idea of book reviews or book talks on Voicethread. One idea that occured to me was to use Voicethread for a Book Buddy activity with our sixth grade buddies. The buddies could read a book together and then using Voicethread produce a book talk about the book they shared. I already use blogging extensively with my second graders. Mostly I use the site for teacher posts for student to comment on in such areas as literacy or social studies. Ms. Betts mentioned using the blog for math. It had never occured to me to do that. Now I plan to have a problem of the week that I will post for my students to solve. I think that would be a great way to add a new dimension to our class blog. I plan to visit Dipity and investigate using this for its timeline feature. The timeline could be used for posting the daily scheldule as an example. But I really like the idea of keeping a timeline of important events in my class for the entire year . This site has a feature that enables you to turn the timeline into a flipbook. What fun to keep the timeline for the entire year and then, by adding pictures, kid's art and other work samples, make a flipbook for the entire year to reflect our year together.

Session 5
Around the World With Skype
2009 Week In the Classroom



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