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2009-Getting Started

Using computer games as a context for learning and social interaction
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The main thing that would need to be further explored to implement a plan like this would be administrative approval. This requires cooperation from a lot of people, including teachers, parents, and admin.

The main thing I gained was inspiration to go for such a big idea. This would have sounded like an impossible undertaking had he not already accomplished it. Sometimes I need to be reminded that someone has to the one that comes up with the complicated plan and then actually gets it done.

If I were to use this idea specifically (Guitar Hero), I could think of lots of ways to incorporate it in my math class.
1. Have the students make a map of where their concert tour will take them. This would be a great way to practice using map scales, figuring out accurate distances using ratios.
2. Have them play the role of "tour manager." Figure out a budget of their spending on tour, and/or profits and costs of selling merchandise.
3. Research actual concert venues, find out their capacity, and calculate how much money will be generated at different ticket prices.

Show and Tell: Exhibit, Reflect, Critique with Blogs
2009-Week in the Classroom
This presentation was by an art teacher who used blogs to create e-portfolios for her students which allowed them to critique and discuss each others' work. They tried out multiple blog sites to see which worked best, including edublogs.org and Youth Voices. The teacher also used this as an opportunity to teach the kids about blogging and commenting and general online behavior.

The presentation only discussed using this idea for art class, so I would love to see how it might work with other subject areas. Areas for investigation would be whether to make this a consistent tool across classes/teachers, and whether it should be used in only one subject area at a time. Would "blog show and tell' in history, art, and science be too much?

I love art, and love to find ways to incorporate it into my classes. so this presentation made me look at something used in an art class and think about how to use it in other subjects. I think a big part of professional development is just thinking outside the box and being exposed to other people's ideas.

I would really like to find ways to incorporate this idea into my classes. One place I believe I could use it is with my sixth grade science class. We have a science fair every winter, and I think it would be great if their displays could be photographed and put on a blog so that they can really take their time looking at other groups projects and then comment and ask questions. Another idea would be to use this in math class. I think it would be really neat to give the students a word problem that requires some creativity to solve. They could then post their solution/ideas/questions and discuss their strategies for solving. A third idea would be to have the kids do an art project in math. During the geometry unit I often give them time to play with pattern blocks, and they love making unique designs. I have photographed them in the past and posted them on our bulletin board, but it would be neat to post them online and have the kids comment on each others'.

I have been trying to use wordle, and I finally got it to work. So here's my first wordle!

Wordle: art blog

Slippery Rocks and Hard Places: Twelve Brides and Learning Matters
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If You Host It, They Will Come
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Options for Building Your Teacher Website and Why YOU Should
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I created a webpage on webs.com for my response.
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