Help Resources

One goal of the course is for participants to "test drive" a few new "Web 2.0" tools (and figure them out) while creating their session reflections. As such, I have provided only a few Wikispaces help references. All of the suggested "reflection" tools are pretty easy to learn and provide built-in tutorials and help resources on their sites.

Participants should try to solve their own technical hiccups or seek assistance from a colleague or tech person in their own school. Limited support for all participants is available via the "Community Help" forum on this wiki. Woodward teachers may contact Shelley or Nneka in IT, or their building tech specialists for assistance.

You can use any of the suggested tools (or similar online tools) to complete your course reflections, as long as you clearly address all of the required response items. You are encouraged to explore and experiment with the tools. You must use at least two different tools/media formats to earn 1 PLU, and at least three different tools/media formats to earn 2 PLU.

Wikispaces Quick Reference -

Especially note the final section which provides instructions for Embedding media, which is a key activity for this course.

Wikispaces Help video: Embed a YouTube video (or other media object).
Wikispaces Help video: Upload an image, audio or video file