Session 1
Name of Session: The iPod Touch in the Classroom
Conference Year and Strand: December 2009 K-12 Online Conference(Under the Post of "Schedule")
URL of Conference:
Session Summary: The session featured using the iPod Touch for many different purposes related to education It started with unwrapping the device and giving a demonstration on the basic features. Of particular interest were the different applications that can be downloaded to the iPod that could then lead to making the classroom interactive. The presenter demonstrated a few of his favorite applications both for personal and classroom use.
Questions/Ideas: I think the main question that I would have about using the device is how would this fit into a laptop school? My first thought was the less expensive option for the school, but it is also the wave of the future with devices becoming smaller and even easier to transport and store. Like anything else, it would require planning and creativity in find ways to make it pertinent to the curriculum that I am expected to teach. I can already see the ability of downloading the Google Earth application to relate to Geography since I am a history teacher. I was also particularly interested in the other Google apps as well.
Personal/Professional Growth:
One thought I had while watching the demonstration was the use of the Google Doc to create evaluation strategies to have students do this on an iPod. That part was really intriguing since I have been looking for the programs that would enable me to have online testing. On a personal level, it would allow me to become familiar with my own iPhone and using it in ways that I did not even think of. After watching the demonstration I immediately logged into my Google Mail for a new account that i created for a professional growth class using all google tools.
Applications: I would be useful in project based learning for research, creating presentations, and becoming more familiar with all the Google Docs.

Session 2
Name of Session: Probing the Prospects of Paperless Pedagogy
Conference Year and Strand: December 2009 Leading the Change

Session 3
Name of Session: "Asking Bigger Questions About Assessment."
Conference Year and Strand: October 2008 Prove It

Session 4
Name of Session: "What Did You Do In School Yesterday, Today, and Three Years Ago?"
Conference Year and Strand: October 2008 Getting Started
Two attempts to use this have failed for whatever reason. Does not appear to be an issue with embedding the recording. Will go to Garageband instead. When I am in my account the file is archived and plays when clicking on the download site. Not quite sure what, if anything, I did wrong.

Session 5
Name of Session: Nurturing the 21st Century Learner
Conference Year and Strand: December 2009 Week In The Classroom
Presenter was excellent!

Session 6
Name of Session: Challenging Obstacles About Technology Faculty Development
Conference Year and Strand: October 2007 Obstacles to Opportunities

Session Summary: The presenter offers the suggestion that we challenge assumptions and redefine obstacles when we approach technology professional development. Two common assumptions about development are: there is not enough development and it must be accomplished outside of the classroom. The presenter suggests that teachers are encouraged and expected to use skills in technology and possibly change pedagogy. Since this was first presented in 2007 one would hope that a lot has changed along these lines today. However, it has not. Teachers do believe that they are getting enough professional development in these areas but still do not feel comfortable enough to use it. So the approach to training is not working. Therefore, the student suggests that we incorporate students into the process and make the effort collaborative. In other words, teacher and student learn together. Training can be utilized in the classroom in a group collaborative setting as opposed to the teacher going it alone when it comes to incorporating the skills.
Questions/Ideas: Will teachers feel comfortable surrendering ownership in the classroom with such a joint adventure? Is there a risk involved? I think finding ways to incorporate student ideas and creativity into the classroom presents a learning opportunity for students. When one does, he/she learns from the students. I did this just today when a student demonstrated using Adobe Flash to create an interactive map to show movement of trade on a map. There was also an assignment I gave for students to create a Facebook page on a character in history, but another student showed me how Twitter can be used in a similar way. I think it would also be a good idea for colleagues to collaborate their classes to show each other and to allow even more students to demonstrate their talents.
Applications: Actually taking the time to let a student recreate a presentation that was done in a different and unique way so we can all learn from this. Have more meetings with students prior to starting a unit to get ideas on how to proceed. This way you can know before it starts rather than waiting for an evaluation tool at the end. I also plan to check out the Generation Yes page for ideas and suggestions for incorporating this. My class is project based learning with the students presenting constantly, but maybe setting time aside to have them help me and each other with new tools should be included.

Session 7
Name of Session: "I Like Delicious Things: An Introduction to Tagging and Folksonomies."
Conference Year and Strand:October 2008 Getting Started

Session 8
Name of Session: Parental Engagement in the 21st Century-Leveraging web 2.0 tools to engage parents in non-traditional way
Conference Year and Strand: October 2008 Kicking it Up a Notch

Session 9
Name of Session: Parrallel Play or Collaboration-Leveraging the Wiki Platform for High Quality Work
Conference Year and Strand: December 2009 Kicking it Up a Notch

Session 10
Name of Session: Telling the World: Flat Classroom Student Summit
Conference Year and Strand: December 2009 Kicking it Up a Notch