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  1. Engaging Our Youngest MindsStudent Learning and Technology Integration by Angela Maiers
  2. Passion Web 2.0 2009 Kicking it up a Notch
  3. http:?K12 Online Conference.org?p=440
  4. This was my favorite session of all. I am afraid that I have let the “Wow” of my students escape me at times. I was pleased to see that Ms. Maiers was able to take Haley’s passion for animals and use it to expand Haley’s interest. I also liked how Ms. Maiers was able to use technology to find other things to broaden Haley’s knowledge and keep her passion going.
  5. My question is to myself. Why have I not taken the interests of my students and expanded on their passions before? I have failed to build on where they are to take them to where they need to be.
  6. This session added to my personal development by showing me that technology is my friend and not something I should fear. It also opened my eyes to look for the Haleys in my class.
  7. I will apply this session by letting the children in my class show me their passions. I will let them teach me what they already know and about their 21st century world. I will use more technology in all subject areas in order to challenge and interest the children.


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1. E. Galloway Response to Google Sketch Up Unleashed by Joseph J. Bires
2. 2009 Schedule: Getting Started
3. http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=537
4. This video was divided into two parts. The first part discussed concepts and the second showed how to Draw Shapes. There was a lot of information about the tools that can be used to draw 3D shapes. A lot of information was packed into the video. This would be a good tool to use in pre engineering and engineering classes. I was glad to hear the presenter say that students must find early success. Geometry is very important in Google Sketch Up. I have played around with making a 3D flower and will practice more before using this with my students.
5. At this time, my question is, is this too difficult for second graders? I am willing to get more familiar with it and then try it with them.
6. I will use this in our garden unit as we draw the crops and flowers that grow. I am finding myself feeling more and more comfortable with technology.
7. As we move through our curriculum, I will attempt to have the children draw our garden at various stages of growth. We will also draw Native American homes. Lastly we will draw ant tunnels as we design and study ant farms and compile our drawings into ebooks to share with others.