Hello! I am Ellen Adolph, and I am a third grade teacher at Woodward Academy's North Campus in Duluth, GA. I love technology, and am excited to be involved in learning more about Learning.2.0.

1. K12 Online Conference 2008
Presenter: Jackie Gerstein

TItle: Web 2.0 Tools to Amplify Elementary Students Creativity and Initiative


Jackie begins her presentation outlining the powerful points of learning 2.0. The recurring theme that struck me was "Student Directed." Jackie provides a backdrop of various projects she has done with older elementary students that model their (her) dynamic exploration and discovery via their student directed projects.
In thinking about applying some of these projects/models at our school, I had 2 questions. Did Jackie's school have important questions about student online safety for creating a project like their own personalized web page for school projects. I would be curious to know the school policy regarding student online safety. (This is obviously a "devil's advocate kind of question!) Secondly, it appears that many of the projects were done with older elementary students. I would like to know if she has worked with more primary classrooms, too.

Personal Professional Development
One of the concluding quotes Jackie uses is "Education must shift from instruction using stencils..." (McLuhan, 1967) There are many teachers who consider using "stencils" to outline student learning goals as a progressive method of instruction. This would still be the teachers' stencil and not the students'! How easy it is to be a stencil teacher and not allow children to go outside of the lines! (And to think that this was a teaching philosophy noted from 1967!)

In looking at our year ahead, I am thinking of some project possibilities. Jackie discussed "visual literacy, " and I find this to be an area where third graders are able to demonstrate learning using 2.0 tools. This could include creating a slide show on a sournce like Animoto, or Moblyng.com. Jackie also used Myths and Legends.com in a number of projects. This source could be used to have students create their own legends based on our study of Native Amercans or creating a legend similar to the one found in Tomie DePaulo's literature. Student created stories could also be used in a project using Voicethreadas well. Lastly, students received wonderful validation of the importance of their opinions as Jackie had children become tool reviewers. This could easily be accomplished using a googledocs survey.