Dagmar Ebaugh
Session I: [[@"Probing the Prospects of Paperless Pedagogy"]], 2009/Leading the Change - Presenter Jason Neiffer

Session II: "If you host it, they will come", 2009/Getting Started - Jen Wagner

Session III: Ways of Working, 2009/Week in the Classroom - Chris Betcher

Session IV: Steal this Preso! Copyrights, Fair Use and
page 1
Pirates in the Classroom, 2009/ Week in the Classroom - Mathew Needleman
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Session V: "Throwing the Box Away" 2008/ Prove it - Barbara Bray

Session VI: "Using Web 2.0 Tools to teach 'The Outsiders'" 2009/Getting Started - Drew Buddie

Session VII "Google SketchUp Unleashed", 2009/ Getting Started - Joseph Bires

Session VIII "Keeping Literacy in 21st Century Literacy" - 2009/Getting Started - Drew Schrader

Session IX "Promise into Practice" - 2008/Prove It - Sara Kajder

Session X: "Asking Bigger Questions About Assessment" - 2008/Prove It Keynote - Gardner Campbell
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