Response to Google Sketchup Unleashed
Getting Started trand 2009 Conference

This is a free website by Google which allows students to design 3-D models of structures. They are able to orbit the structure to see how it looks from all perspectives. I would use this with a unti on Ancient Greece as we study the Parthenon. It would also be useful to the fifth grade students as they design and build toothpick bridges which are tested by the dngineering society with Georgia Tech. The presenter suggested giving the students time to play and experiment with the program for a while before they actually begin a project. I thought this was helpful advice. It took quite some time such creating this very simple graphic.

ifyouhostit.jpgCynthia Tew

Here is my first attempt at creating a wordle.
Wordle: Little Red Riding Hood

Session 4
Options for Building Your Own Website, and Why You Should
Getting Started Strand 2009 Conference

This presentation was extremely convincing as to why every teacher should have a website for his/her class. It promotes communication between the parents and teacheras to the upcoming events and events as they happen. It gives parents and students a chance to see the work done in the class, and it opens up many direct learning experiences for the students.

I went to Weebly, and saw how easy it is to set up a website. I have barely begun the website, but my web address is

.Session 5