Session Name: Steal This Preso! Copyrights, Fair Use, and Pirates in the Classroom
Year & Strand: 2009, Week in the Classroom

Session Name: Googlios: A 21st-Century Approach to Teaching, Learning & Assessment
Year & Strand: 2009, Kicking It Up A Notch

Please see my Google site for this strand. Click on Googlios in the left-hand section for the session overview.

Session Name: Google SketchUp Unleashed
Year & Strand: 2009, Getting Started

Session name: Ways of Working
Year & Strand: 2009, Week in the Classroom

Main Points
Use technology in conjunction with real-life events to make learning more meaningful for students.
Technology Uses:
  • Search for current information on topic
    • Google News
    • Google Blog Search
    • Twitter - search by hashtag
    • Flickr
  • Use RSS feed to create "newspaper" of event
  • Google maps/flickr to geotag photos
  • Phones: Digital Storytelling
    • photos/videos
    • audio - recordings, interviews
    • GPS
  • Event Photos
    • voicethread
    • animoto
    • comiclife
Personal Professional Development
I learned about the following tools: iphone app called, and advanced features (conditional questions and data analysis) on google forms/surveys. I read reviews on runkeeper, and played with google surveys.

For Further Exploration
What other iphone (or other) apps could be used during a fieldtrip to enhance the learning experience for students?
How do you use hashtags in Twitter? (I need to spend some time learning how to become a better "tweeter")

Ideas for Implementation
1. High School social studies class create a class "newspaper" on a current event using RSS. Use information for research and debate/discussion in the class.
2. Elementary field trip use iPhone or flip phone to record and take pictures during trip. Use google maps prior to going to show location. Create Voicethread upon return and allow students to comment.
3. Promote local school events (sports, plays, art shows, etc.) through our official website: add a twitter feed, add an "official school blog" - students write the content with supervision of a teachers.

Session Name: Digiteens: Digital Citizenship by Digital Teenagers
Year & Strand: 2009, Leading the Change

Session Name: Learning Confluence: Where Philosophy Meets Practice in the 21st Century
Year & Strand: 2009, Leading the Change

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Session Name: Backchannels in the Classroom
Year & Strand: 2008, Kicking it up a Notch

Session Name: Nurturing the 21st Century History Teacher
Year & Strand: 2009, Week in the Classroom

Session Name: Unlikely Coordinates? Geocaching Across the Curriculum
Year & Strand: 2009, Kicking it up a Notch

Session Name: Oh the Possibilities
Year & Strand: 2008, Kicking it up a Notch

Main Points of presentation in Prezi

This presentation did an excellent job of breaking down the steps to utilize Project-Based Learning in any classroom. I will use the format in future professional development classes. She made some very valid points that I take for granted inherently, but probably would be beneficial to tell other teachers.

It would be great to partner with another class, maybe another grade, to exchange "toolkits" and continue to build the library of potential options for students. Could a wiki be used for this purpose? Tips, videos, and samples could be embedded on various tool pages.

Classroom integration ideas are endless. Instead of traditional written reports, students could do a podcast or tell a digital story using mixbook or animoto. Instead of a traditional presentation using PowerPoint, students could become a character and create a profile page in facebook or ning. Or they could use Gliffy to organize their thoughts. Students could create a Voicethread to critique a book or debate a social studies topic.

I need to incorportate more projects into my professional development courses. If it is best-teaching practice for students, it seems like it would be equally beneficial for students, too.