K12 Online Conference: 21st Century Learning for Educators

(Alternate Title: Attend a Conference in Your PJs)

2009img.pngWhat is it?

A 1 or 2 PLU course for Georgia Educators.

The course is self-directed and takes place online, using the archived sessions for the K12 Online Conference as the instructional content. You are free to select the sessions that are of greatest interest to you.

There is no formal instruction or tutoring. You can complete the requirements at your own pace and on your own schedule as long as you finish everything by the closing date of the course session.

To complete the course, participants view a required number of online conference sessions and respond to a series of reflection items/questions using their choice of free Web 2.0 and multimedia tools.

Please see details and examples below for a complete overview of the course. Be sure to read the descriptions and requirements carefully and read the Procedures page as well.

The course may be found on the GADOE Professional Learning website:
  • Vendor: Woodward Academy
  • Title: K-12 Online Conference (21st Century Learning for Educators)
  • Course ID: B3AFF1-C447
  • Course Instructor: Shelley Paul

Cost: This course is free for Woodward Academy teachers.

Others: $45 for 1 PLU, $60 for 2 PLU

Please make checks payable to Woodward Academy

Once your registration has been confirmed, please send payment to:

Woodward Academy

Attn: Shelley Paul, IT Department

1662 Rugby Avenue

College Park, GA 30337

Summer payment is due by June 24, 2010.

Dates of the Course:

The Summer 2011 course session will run as follows:
  • June 6 - July 29, 2011 (Registration Deadline: Wednesday, May 25)

To register for the course:

  1. Join this wiki (you will need a Wikispaces account). Instructions here.
  2. Complete this online form. I will send you a confirmation email within 48 hours of your registration.
  3. Send payment (the course is free to Woodward Academy teachers).

Please note: The course will be limited to 30 participants. I will contact everyone via email on June 3, 2011 with further instructions. Please be sure to register using an email address that you will check frequently.

If you have questions, please email me, Shelley Paul, at k12onlinepd (at) gmail (dot) com

Details of the K12 Online Conference:

The K-12 Online Conference is a free, volunteer-run, international, online event for educators around the globe. Presenters are selected by a panel of distinguished technology educators from the U.S. and several other nations. The purpose of the conference is to advance the use of leading-edge educational technology in the cause of high-quality K-12 teaching and learning, worldwide. In 2006, the first K-12 Online Conference, themed Unleashing the Potential, drew more than 50,000 attendees. The 2010 theme was Cultivating the Future.

Each year, over a two-week period in the fall, at least 40 conference sessions and keynote presentations in four themed strands are posted online. The presentations are then archived for continued access, on demand. Conference sessions are typically multi-media lectures (in video format) and most include links to supplementary materials. This course uses the archived conference presentations from all five years as content. I encourage you to first explore the 2008-2010 sessions, as the format has gotten "tighter" and the video quality better, but you are free to select sessions from any year to complete your work, and there are certainly quality offerings throughout.

How the Course Works:

Participants seeking PLU credit are required to respond to a specific series of reflection items/questions (listed below) related to what they have learned from each session and how they will utilize or apply what they have learned in their individual work setting.

Responses may be submitted in a variety of "beyond text" formats including audio, graphics, concept maps, photos and multimedia (details below).

Participants who engage in 5 conference sessions and fulfill the response requirements perform 10 clock hours of work, earning 1 PLU. Participants may "repeat" the course and respond to 10 sessions for a total of 20 clock hours to earn 2 PLU.

Participants seeking 1 PLU must demonstrate use of at least two different online tools/media formats for their 5 responses. Participants seeking 2 PLU must demonstrate use of at least three different tools/formats for their responses. (ALL 5 or 10 responses MUST utilize a media format, but some of the tools may be repeated).

Participants should try to solve their own technical hiccups or seek assistance from a colleague or tech person in their own school. Limited support for all participants will be available via the "Community Help" forum on this wiki. Woodward teachers may contact Shelley for assistance.

Reflection/Response Questions:

Please address ALL OF the following elements in EACH OF your 5 (or 10) session reflections. Other than the session name, strand and URL/location (items 1-3), you do not need to literally address each item as a discrete, numbered response – please be as creative and engaging as you wish, as long as you clearly respond to each area. You may wish to simply type the information for items 1-3 on the wiki page adjacent to your media-based response (see Reflection Format Options below as well as Example Participant Page).

  1. Name of session.
  2. Conference year and strand.
  3. URL of session.
  4. Brief session summary / main points made. Use your own words and provide enough detail that someone new could get a feel for the session content. Please include a brief description of any key supporting resources/sites as well.
  5. Questions you have and/or ideas for further exploration after viewing the presentation.
  6. What did you gain from the session in terms of your personal professional development?
  7. How will you apply the learning to your professional situation? Describe at least three ideas for lessons, activities, assessments, projects or other possibilities for applying the tools or concepts presented to support teaching and learning (or your current professional role).

Posting Your Reflections/Responses:

Each participant will be provided with a page in this wiki for posting/embedding session reflections. The page will serve as your record/online portfolio for meeting course requirements. Each reflection must address all 7 response items (above) and make use of an online tool or media format for all or part of each reflection. Participants seeking 1 PLU must demonstrate use of at least two different online tools/media formats for their 5 responses. Participants seeking 2 PLU must demonstrate use of at least three different tools/formats for their responses. ( ALL 5 or 10 responses MUST utilize a media format, but the formats may be repeated. In other words, it's okay to repeat the use of a favorite tool, such as a comic or podcast).

When you have completed all 5 (1 PLU) or 10 (2 PLU) reflections, I will review your submissions to make sure they meet all requirements, and issue you a course certificate. All PLU paperwork will be processed and issued at the end of the ten-week cycle.

Reflection Format Options:

Here are some suggestions for the format of your reflective responses to the questions/items above. See Help Resources for tips on using several of the suggested tools. See Example Participant Page and/or former participant pages (click a name on the left navigation) to view some completed responses. You are free to substitute other, similar tools, as long as you use at least two (or three) different media/display formats embedded or uploaded to the wiki. Do not attach a Powerpoint.

TIP: If you are using a graphics-heavy site that allows for only limited text (e.g. a ToonDoo comic strip, or an Animoto slideshow, feel free to put main points/bullets in the media portion and include your full response as text on the wiki page.

  • A brief video (~2-3 minutes long), created with a webcam, Flip camera (or other digital video camera) or digital storytelling software such as Photostory or iMovie, uploaded to the wiki page (must be under 20 MB) or embedded from YouTube or other video sharing site.
  • A digital story created with images and text/audio using a site such as VoiceThread or MixBook.
  • A "comic" using Pixton or ToonDoo
  • A brief podcast (MP3 format) created in Audacity (or GarageBand) and uploaded to the wiki (must be under 20 MB) or embedded from a podcast hosting site such as Gcast or Podbean,
  • An embedded as a Vocaroo recording. Or Gabcast free phone podcast.
  • A concept map embedded in the wiki page using a site such as Gliffy or Bubbl.us
  • A digital collage/bulletin board using Glogster or Stixy.
  • A slide show using an online tool such as Prezi or Google Presentations, or a Powerpoint presentation uploaded to Slideshare and embedded into the wiki page. (Do not upload a Powerpoint file to the wiki -- you must upload it to Slideshare or a similar service and embed it into the wiki).
  • An animated "movie" using Xtranormal.or GoAnimate.